Stone Coated Steel Roofing
 Why an Enviro-Roof?
It’s the SMART Steel Choice.
It’s the RIGHT Steel Choice.
It’s the ONLY Steel Choice.
Reliability, Quality and Innovation
The design focus is on simple, functional products that provide fast install times and an aesthetic look to suit any architecture.
STEEL— Highly corrosion-resistant AZ-50 Galvalume® steel coated with specially prepared & treated with proprietary primer to enhance acrylic adhesion.BASECOAT— Proprietary special formulation developed by the world’s largest resin supplier to promote long-life performance in all climates.STONE CHIP— Finely graded, non-oiled, natural granite granules that enhance adhesion and provide the tightest granite stone coat matrix on the market today.ACCESSORY DESIGN— Stone-coated ventilator panels fully integrated into the roof field with no need for special flashing. Stone-coated 3-in-1 type vent pipe flashings with self-sealing rubber gasket and aluminum base. Stone-coated and soon-to-be-released vent pipe sleeve cover to perfectly finish pipe penetrations.

Eave Riser Metals and Rake Channels that incorporate the unique “Locator-Lip” for easy positioning and installer error-free installation.

WARRANTY — Every roof is backed with a 50-year  warrantythat has unlimited transferability to subsequent owners — a major plus in today’s housing market. We take pride in our products and it shows.

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